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Re: [IP] The Panic Room

>One thing that bothered me a little was that Jodi Foster's character
>said something like "Dont' let yourself get upset. You know what can
>happen if you let yourself get worked up!"  So lows are caused by
>being upset or afraid? That makes me wonder if the nondiabetic
>audience now thinks we should be treated very carefully because we
>will have seizures if you upset us.  :)

I haven't seen the movie, but wanted to comment about this.  This is 
something that happens to me a lot.  When I get upset, even if it is minor 
aggravation, my sugar goes nuts.  It can go either up or down, and I never 
know until it happens.

The night I had the seizures, I had spent a good hour totally depressed 
about something; crying my eyes out, feeling sorry for myself, the whole 
thing.  I never thought anything like that would have happened.

My job used to aggravate me on a daily basis, and by the time I would get 
home, my sugars would be in the 400's.  In the days since I quit, (I walked 
out Friday night) afternoon and evening sugars, while not perfect, have been 
significantly better.

I can understand a movie wanting to show a "worst case scenario" (which, for 
some reason, always seems to be something that's happened to me....), but in 
some ways, I think its a good awareness tool.

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