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Re: [IP] packaging insulin square bottles

At 09:06 PM 4/2/02, you wrote:
> > David My memory is not clear on when the square bottles dissapeared. I am
> > sure it was in the early 70's. My guess is Eli Lilly was trying to save
> > money. Roger C
>When U 100 came out the prior packaging standards were revised. it hsad
>nothing to do with saving money whatsoever. the square bottles and colors
>were part of the international standard adopted for packaging insulin. spot

I had to refer back to my OLD diabetic Care in Pictures book (circa 1953 
for the second edition) to look back at the picture of all the bottles of 
insulin available back then.  U-40 and U-80 NPH bottles were 4 sided, with 
the U-40 had a reddish-orange cap, and the U-80 had what looks like a 
yellow top.  Boy, does that bring back (bad) memories.

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