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[IP] RE: (pigging out on Easter)

From: email @ redacted

>>> I haven't been a diabetic for about 3 1/2 months. At first I was led to
believe that I was type 2, but now the doctor says I'm type one. Anyhow,
about the one day of not counting carbs, I did that on Easter and it felt
great to pig out. I'm sure I could have hurt myself but I didn't. Sure my
sugar ran really high that day, but I feel that I deserve to have those
special days. >>>

I'm sure you meant you HAVE been a diabetic for about 3 1/2 months?
Anyway, the pigging out on Easter felt really good, but would have felt
better had you covered the carbs with the appropriate amount of insulin. A
non-DMer's pancreas will produce the proper amount of insulin on those
holiday feasts - well, pumpers *bolus* the proper amount of insulin the same

You might think you did not hurt yourself, but DM is called the *sneaky
disease* for a reason. The damage shows up much later. Like a pebble in a
brook, that constant *flow* wears the stone to smooth edges. ;)

We all deserve to have those special days - you're a newbie and I'm sure
it's very hard to switch horses in the middle of the stream. Some of us have
had to endure this for many decades - so you are not alone in your feelings.

Are you on a pump yet? Do you carb count? Do you have a carb-insulin ratio?
All this will help you adjust and be in proper control so you can have many
more times of pigging out and hopefully live a better life to tell about it.

BTW, what's your fetish?
Do you have a name?

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