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Re: [IP] Need New Site Spot

Eileen asked:

Hi, i have been injecting for over 30 years in my stomach area. Have now been
on the pump for a year, and have always used my stomach area. Its just out of
habit. Was going to try a new area. I was wondering if anyone switched from
there stomach area and if so where did you try and what worked. Am i hurting
myself by using the same area. i do switch from left to right and different
areas on my stomach. thanks
I have been pumping for nearly 20 years, and have used my stomach area
exclusively.  I tried using my thigh once, but must have had it in a bad spot
or there was too much rubbing from my jeans, because within just a few hours I
was in agony.  I move from side to side, and get no closer than 1 inch from
the last place I infused when on that same side, and steer clear of my
pregnancy stretch marks.  I have never had problems.  Just be sure to change
your sites as scheduled, so you don't develop problems from infections and
subsequent scarring.


Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, pumping 12/17/82
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