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Re: [IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

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From: "Jenny Nash" <email @ redacted>
> I think that the reason that this pump comparison makes an
> issue of a person using less than 25 units per day is because of the
> way the insulin is delivered. The MM delivers in .1 increments. If
> you're on a basal rate of .4, then you get .1 units of insulin every
> 15 minutes. If you're on .3 units per hour, then you get .1 every 20
> minutes and so on. If your basal rate is .2 or .1, then you're only
> getting insulin every half hour or hour, respectively.

Since the active life of even Humalog insulin is 4 hours, then even when
it's infusing only 0.1 every hour, you're getting an even basal -- that's
also why they tell you to change your basal rate 2 hours ahead of when you
typically start to see a rise of BG, such as in the dawn effect.

Before the advent of modern tubing, if you had a low basal rate, the insulin
might crystallize in the tubing, but that doesn't seem to happen any more --
most of what people think might be crystallization is actually a
de-lamination of the 2 layers that make up the tubing.

There are any number of people here that use low basal rates for at least
part of the day, and/or low daily totals, and so far as anyone has said, it
doesn't seem to be a problem.

Natalie, who goes anywhere from 15u to 30u a day depending on how piggy
she's feeling!
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