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Re: [IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

At 12:08 PM -0600 4/2/02, Molly Gilmore-Baldwin wrote:
>In the pump comparison at 
>http://www.insulinpump.cc/pumpscomparison.htm, it says at the end of 
>the chart, under "who should not use this pump," that several of the 
>pumps -- including both Minimed pumps -- are bad choices for people 
>who use less than 25 units of insulin per day. I currently use about 
>30, so this might not be a concern for me (though I understand 
>insulin use may decrease on the pump), but I'm curious what the 
>problem is. Other than this cryptic statement, the Paradigm is my 
>pump of choice.
>Are those of you with a low insulin requirement using MM pumps 
>having any problems?


I think that's the important question. I can't answer that one for 
you, but I think that the reason that this pump comparison makes an 
issue of a person using less than 25 units per day is because of the 
way the insulin is delivered. The MM delivers in .1 increments. If 
you're on a basal rate of .4, then you get .1 units of insulin every 
15 minutes. If you're on .3 units per hour, then you get .1 every 20 
minutes and so on. If your basal rate is .2 or .1, then you're only 
getting insulin every half hour or hour, respectively.

The Disetronics  (except the Dahedi) give insulin every 3 minutes, 
even if you're on .1 unit/hour basal rate.

I think that's why this comparison makes the distinction, but whether 
it's really true that people on less than 25 units a day have a 
problem with those pumps is the real question.

Good luck!


Jenny Nash
email @ redacted
Type 1 diabetes since 1/31/73, pumping on a D. since 10/3/95.
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