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Re: [IP] Paradigm Information

>From researching online (I don't get my pump for another month or so), I 
found the "virtual paradigm" at minimed's site. The paradigm has an easy 
bolus function where you can set the increments, and then each time you push 
a certain sequence of buttons, it gives you a bolus of one of the 
increments. The Easy Bolus increments can be set as low as .1 unit. I would 
hope that the remote would use this same adjustable increment size.

Type 1 - 7 years, begin pumping in April/May 2002

>Also, does anybody know what increment the remote control goes by? For
>example the 508 goes by .5 increments of insulin. I am wondering if by any
>change the Paradigm goes by .1 or anything less than .5.

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