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[IP] Re: A potpourri of replies in one...

> I seem to remember that it was Squib that had the square bottle.-James
Perhaps, but Lilly did also. I do have a booklet (somewhere) put out by
Squibb that shows each of the 8 types of insulin and their colors and
shapes. Each had a diff. shape. But, Lilly did too. I never used Squibb

> ------------------------------
>  I do remember
> buying U-80 in a square bottle in the early 50's. It cost $2.83 per
> before that I am sure I was on U-40. <snip> Roger C

Right on with that price!!! Sen. Estes Kefauver wanted insulin to be the
same price as a pack of cigarettes (25cents at the time). Too bad he never
saw that come to pass. But, my hugsband's favorite car engine is a 283
whatever and he relates that to the price of insulin! Interesting that you
are in Boston and I'm in north-central Indiana and the price was the same.

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> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Regular insulin
> In a message dated 4/2/02 10:48:24 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:

Tom said he had a vial from '73 - Are you putting that on your BASH table
like I had my stuff - when is it, 12/03???? BTW, Rog, I already read it so I
know about it. teehee

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> Subject: Re: [IP] paradigm
> Does anyone know the process of upgrading?  I have a MiniMed 507 that I
have had since October of 97.  This year will be five years so my warranty
is getting ready to run out.  Should I be concerned with that?  Is there a
process of upgrading after the warranty is up?
> Billie


Your pump is already out of warranty - all the pumps are warrantied for FOUR
years. I'd start checking on a new one now. The process of upgrading from
the 508 to a Paradigm was up, I believe, 12/31/01 - then new purchases are
receiving them outright. The upgrades were through a coupon for purchases
from 3/01/01 to the end. Now it's straight *choice*. Personally, I'd choose
the 508 and hope they still offer it or one similar but better (with a
delayed bolus?) in 3/03 when mine is 4 yrs old.

> Jan,
> without home glucose monitoring, how did you even know *when* you needed
> change insulin doses?  Did the doctors just start you on a units per body
> weight type of average?  I'm just curious, it is very interesting reading
> about the changes in the past 50 years.
> Deirdre
> mom to Nicole (3)


We had no clue! We got a BG done at the lab or dr's office once every 1-3
months (there was NO such thing as an A1c). Some of us would park the car
pretty far away and walk to the place to lower BGs; others would inject a
tad more insulin that day so it'd be lower. Tricks were thought up all kinds
of ways so we wouldn't be blamed for bad tests. When I was newly dx'd (11.5
y'o, 11/5/50) I believe I took 12u a day of NPH/Reg combined. I think I saw
the dr. every month and each time (perhaps based on that one lab test) he'd
raise me 2u. I was sure I was getting worse. It was depressing. Pee tests
were so inaccurate and they also depended on the individual's renal

I like the *story* of the group of DM children with a dr. He was bragging on
little Mary cuz she was the only one who had a chart of pee tests. She
beamed, "I have next month's all ready too, want to see it?"

Oh, and coverage shots were the pits - cuz the dr. would say what amount he
wanted you to take cuz you were showing acetone, or bright orange pee tests
for a *time* (???) as well as being sick perhaps. You'd take the shot
(Regular) and in about 3-4 hours crash to the bottom - many had to be taken
to the ER!  I did read several years after being treated like this, that if
you had a snack of milk and cheese/crackers you would have food in you when
the insulin takes over to avoid crashing. These are just some of the
*improvements* as they learned - and we lived (which is remarkable).

As I said to Roger, aren't you glad you asked??? YMMV (~_^)

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