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Re: [IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

I've been on the 508 since November, after being diagnosed at the end of
August.  I was taking approixmately 30-35 units a day (Lantus + Humalog) on
MDI.  My pumping insulin requirements have never been more than 20-25 units
per day, and lately they are regularly 12-15 U per day.  My basals are .2
most of the time, and .1 some times.  I haven't had any problems with these
low numbers of units, my last two A1cs have been 5.3 and I couldn't be

I can't think of any reason that I've run into why the MM508 wouldn't be a
good choice for < 25 units per day.  Unless it has something to do with the
7.2 units before you get an occlusion alarm which means you could go a good
long while getting no insulin due to a blockage.  But if you are testing
before bolusing you should know that.

Best of luck

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