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Re: [IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

> In the pump comparison at 
> http://www.insulinpump.cc/pumpscomparison.htm, it says at the end of
> the chart, under "who should not use this pump," that several of the
> pumps -- including both Minimed pumps -- are bad choices for people
> who use less than 25 units of insulin per day. I currently use about
> 30, so this might not be a concern for me (though I understand
> insulin use may decrease on the pump), but I'm curious what the
> problem is. 

The comment is an opinion, not a fact. There are many people and kids 
on pumps manufactured by ALL of the pump vendors that use only 10 - 
15 u per day of insulin. What's interesting is that the comment was 
applied to the Animas pump as well which actually delivers in the 
smallest increments available using U100 insulin for any pump 
currently on the market.

As I've said before, all the pump manufacturers make good equipment. 
the only bad choice about "which" pump is NOT getting one at all.


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