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[IP] Re: overreacting obgyn

> <<My ob seems to think that I should only be allowed to shower and use the
> > >bathroom.  I feel that   he is over reacting.  Any advice?   I do not
> want to
> > >push if the baby is in any danger, but I am not the lounge around type 
> of
> > >girl......
> > Then learn to be one!>>

Of course I cannot comment whether your doctor is overreacting.  But do be 
aware of the dangers if he is not.  I had a close friend (non DM, young and 
healthy otherwise) whose doctor put her on bed rest for pre-eclampsia.  This 
was in-hospital bed rest, but she was allowed bathroom privileges.  Almost 
drove her crazy, as she is quite a work-aholic type.  After one month in the 
hospital she woke up in the middle of the night drenched in blood and they 
did an emergency C-section using general anesthesia.  Baby was fine, but Mom 
developed a blood clot and was confined to more bed rest.  Ten years later 
the baby boy is a lovely young lad and my friend has a very high position in 
the government, works and travels on business  all the time.
     Be patient and take care.  You will need lots of patience once you have 
a baby!
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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