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RE: [IP] pregnancy, hypertension, bed rest

	I was toxemic for 2 of 3 pregs. (first and last).  My bp ran 110/70 if I was stressed and I topped out at 180/120 before my emergency section at 35 weeks.  This is not something you want to contemplate.  My dr. (a high-risk OB) told me the day I delivered that high bp causes the baby's lungs to develop early because of the risk of early delivery.  However, the D causes the baby's lungs to develop slower (up to 2 weeks behind a normal mom).  So....with me it was a toss up...were the lungs ready or not?  He didn't have time to do an amnio to determine the lung dev., so we had every specialist in the hospital in with me.  The baby was fine, but had to be seen by respiratory people while in the hospital to make sure.  This is not something to play with...just take the best care that you can, and heed the dr's advice.

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