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RE: [IP] overreacting obgyn

I have had 3 successful pregs. and 1 miscarriage.  I was also toxemic in addition to being a Type I.  I had another complication with the first preg...twins...I was in labor for 6 weeks before I actually delivered at 36 weeks.  Don't push yourself...yes, showers are nice...but if the dr. says no, do not take him lightly. His job is to get you a healthy baby...unfortunately, this may mean discomfort on your part.  I was on bedrest for 5 months with the twins and quit my job at 4 1/2 months.  Even though I was a very compliant pt., I still went into labor at 30 weeks.  You cannot see the future,and things happen quickly in a preg. that has complicatons.  Just do your best as long as possible, and hope for the best...I thought I would NEVER be un-preg.  but this too shall pass.  Good luck!

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