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Re: [IP] The Panic Room

I saw the movie last night also. In my experience getting upset usually sends 
my blood sugar higher.  Sometimes stress can cause the body to create 
adrenaline which would cause the liver to send out extra glucose which would 
cause a high blood sugar.  I also agree with you regarding the coke and 
pizza-- two things that would make any diabetics blood sugar elevate not 
become low.  And as far as I know the glucowatch has not been approved yet 
due to problems with inaccuracies in glucose readings when people sweat, 
which is a symptom of low blood sugar.  It is very disturbing to me when 
misinformation is given in a film regarding diabetes since there is so much 
misinformation out there in the public as it is.  We don't need a Jodi Foster 
movie feeding the public incorrect information.  Lets educate not use 
diabetes as a pawn for a plot thickener.  
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