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Re: [IP] sonogram

No, you don't have to remove your pump.  I had at least 20 ultrasounds
with my pregnancy last year and it never interfered.  Will add that by
the end of the pregnancy my pump felt like it was under my armpit.  I
chose to put it above my stomach/baby, but I learned that anything higher
than where the crease of your elbow on your arm (when your arms are at
your side) is too high. Hope that makes sense.  I didn't have any
problems putting mine up higher, but knowing this info. you might want to
put your site elsewhere.   Oh yeah, at the end of the pregnancy my
insulin requirements had tripled and my boluses were taking at least 15
minutes to deliver therefore causing a high post prandial reading (which
the Perinatologist says is the most important contrary to what I was
taught that the fasting bg is the most important).  SO.....I decided to
give myself shots for my meals and just use the pump for basals.  For me,
that fi! xed the problem.  Hope this info. helps. 

Jenie Harrison, dx'd 7/93 at 23, pumping since 8/99 and 2 healthy kids
'95 and '01 (one with shots, one with pump)


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