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[IP] pregnancy, hypertension, bed rest

If you trust your MD, you will stay in bed.  Women with diabetes are 
considered to be "high risk" for pre eclampsia, even with "in range" blood 
pressure.  Now you have added another risk factor, elevated BP.  According to 
the NIH report on hypertension and pregnancy, revised July 2000, 140/90 is # 
used for diagnosis. However, women with elevations of 30 points systolic (top 
number) and 15 points diastolic (bottom number) over their previous readings 
need very close supervision.  So if BP usually 100/60, a BP of 130/75 is 
cause for concern in a pregnant women. Certain blood tests should be done at 
this time, to further define diagnosis and treatment.  Priscilla RN,CDE
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