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Re: [IP] Pump Sets

In a message dated 4/1/2002 6:03:58 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Statistics for set usage are on the ABOUT page of the web site
>  #1  Sil/Tender/Comfort set 48%
>  #2  SofSet 43%
>  distant 3rd -- QuickSet 7%
>  all the rest are under 5% of users surveyed.

But, I'd suspect (JMO) that a lot of those numbers have more to do with how 
long those various infusion sets have been on the market than any other 
single factor.  Quick-sets, for example,  have only been readily available 
for maybe six months (though some of us managed to get them for 6-9+ months 
before that), while the Sils/Comforts/Tenders have been around for years 
(more than a decade?).  

I think *most* pumpers start with one type of set (often based on what their 
pump company ships with their new pump or what their doc/CDE/pump trainer 
recommends at the time) and tend to stay with that as long as it works for 
them.  I'm sure there a a few who experiment with all the different sets just 
because they're curious or because it relates to their work (CDEs, work for a 
pump company, etc.), but I'd say those constitute a pretty small proportion 
of pumpers . . .

Just my 2 cents . . .

Pumpmama to Katie  
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