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[IP] Re: Regular insulin

>>> Way back when I became a diabetic, we got to take one shot a day with
beef/pork insulin, no regular, just long acting,>>>
> Kathy B.

That's interesting since I was put on NPH *and* Regular 11/5/50. Regular was
around before NPH as it was fairly new in '50. The protamine zincs, NPH,
etc. were actually Regular with additives to lengthen their actions. Before
the long-acting insulins, more frequent injections of Regular were required.
It was a godsend to have the long-acting to reduce the frequency of shots -
and to be able to mix them for short/long duration. Those 26g steel needles
HURT!! Maybe after 31 yrs of that is the reason I balked at TWO shots a day
for 2 yrs before pumping. I thought it was a giant step backward. One a week
or one a month would be progress!

BTW, I thought the pumper complaining of her mom questioning what she did
wrong is an adult pumper - not a kid. Moms can blame and lay guilt
unintentionally or intentionally. (spot's 95 y/o dad still blames spot)
(~_^) YMMV

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