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RE: [IP] Puncture wound

Why did you try to self treat yourself?  Why didn't you just get to the
emergency room?

Several years ago, I was trying to screw a screw into a flagpole I was
making for Girl Scouts with a rusted screwdriver no less.  Of course it
slipped and went right into the palm of my hand.  The pain was horrendous
and I almost passed out from the pain...

Nevertheless, I am trained in first aid and squeezed out the blood and
cleansed it with peroxide, wrapped it good with gauze and drove myself to
the e.r.

I told the triage nurse that I was diabetic and hadn't had a tetnus shoot in
years and that's all I needed.  They took a look, said I cleaned it out very
well, put some antibiotic cream on it and told me to keep cleansing it same
way I did and to use neosporin, gave me my shot and I was on my way back

They were more concerned that I had damaged nerves, tendons, etc. and I just
laughed since I have carpal tunnel, severe neuropathy and several episodes
of trigger finger...how much more damage could I have to my hand!

Diabetics should NEVER take any type of puncture wound in any manner but
seriously!  Are you looking to get an infection and lose your foot or
what??????  Grrrrr!!!

I want to see the next message that you went to the doctor or e.r. and got
it looked after.

Kathy B.
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