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RE: [IP] brittle

To all you Young Ones out there.....
complaining about your parent's getting on your backs for having high's and
Be thankful that with today's techno, they and you can monitor what your
b.g. are and that there are pumps available to make corrections and that the
medical field now has a better handle on what you are and aren't supposed to
eat and have taught you and your parents all of these things.

Way back when I became a diabetic, we got to take one shot a day with
beef/pork insulin, no regular, just long acting, had no real diet other than
to stay away from sweets, had no glucose monitors and no insulin pumps.
Taking care of oneself was pure hell and the parent's had not a clue of what
was right or wrong either!

Your parents are just trying to keep you alive and healthy!

But, you are right that non diabetics cannot understand what we go through
and you have to forgive them for we wouldn't want to wish this disease on
them now would we???

Hugs to all of you...hang in there...your parents love you!

Kathy B.
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