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RE: [IP] 504 and adult college students

I do not have a 504 and I have not registered at my school's disability
office (I didn't even know that we had one until this semester, my 9th).
All of my professors have been willing to accommodate to their ability.
Obviously, I do not want to eat or blood test in my organic lab, but I'm
allowed to leave to do this and my TA will watch to make sure there are
no problems with my experiment.  In case of lows, I talk to someone in
the class who I trust and make sure he or she knows where I keep
everything I need.  Also, I try to make sure that the people that are
around me know.  I keep a written instruction sheet that is in my
notebook on what to do and who to call if there is a problem.  For
example, "If I'm completely unresponsive, twist the top off the tube of
instant glucose (it's the white thing that looks like a tube of
frosting) and squirt it in my mouth.  Have someone call the police
department [that's our only way to get any emergency treatment or
response] at 5-5555.  Also, call [Jane Doe] at 2-0000.  [Jane] can be
here in 5 mins and has experience with this.  My parents can be reached
at .....  My doctor can be reached at ...."  It tells line by line what
to do.  Additionally, on the back I have a list of all the medications
that I have taken, additional health conditions, and previous
hospitalizations, which is helpful for the paramedics.  Just a thought
for those of you in lecture hall sized classes.

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