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FW: [IP] Pump & dress

I think this message was intended to be posted to the list instead of
e-mailed to me.


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In December, I had a formal event that I had to attend and my dress had
no back (and I didn't want to wrap myself in a shawl or something, just
so I could wear a bra to clip the pump to).

I tried buying a hair scrunchie that fit around my leg and clipped the
pump to that under my skirt for most of the evening.  (While we were
eating (which seemed to take about two hours), I just clipped it to the
back of the dress.  Wasn't noticable because of the way I was sitting.)

The hair scrunchie worked really well, and they come in so many
different fabrics and elastic strengths, I think its a pretty decent bet
that's you'd find one that worked.  You could even make your own.

email @ redacted
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