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Re: [IP] pregnancy

You said your bp was high on your last Dr.'s visit.  How high?  If I am
correct, anything over 140 in the systolic # is considered high.  I know
my bp went up with my last pregnancy (son born 2/13/01).  Usually I am
100/70 and during 2nd & 3rd trimesters my systolic reading ranged from
110-120's.  They weren't concerned at that point.    

First, are you seeing an OB AND a Perinatologist or just an OB?  I had
just an OB for my first pregnancy in '95 and had a Perinatologist who
took care of the diabetes and the baby during my pregnancy last year. 
Perinatologists specialize in high risk pregnancies.  Mine was a HUGE
help (hgbA1c before pregnancy - 6.4 - in 3rd trimester it was 4.8).   If
I were in your shoes, I would listen to my Doctor.  The doc might be
being overly precautious, but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Some
docs are not comfortable with Diabetes, and especially with high bp,
too .

You can e-mail me privately if you would like.  I've had 2 healthy
pregnancies with 2 healthy kids.  I would be happy to help or listen. 
Wish I would have found this website when I was pregnant - sure could
have used it!

Jenie Harrison, dx'd 7/93, pumping since 8/99
email @ redacted


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