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Re: [IP] pregnancy

> At 5:51 PM -0500 4/1/02, email @ redacted wrote:
> >
> >My ob seems to think that I should only be allowed to shower and use the
> >bathroom.  I feel that   he is over reacting.  Any advice?   I do not want to
> >push if the baby is in any danger, but I am not the lounge around type of
> >girl......

This issue is one of risk assessment. We have a friend that had 4 - 5 
miscarriges and finally was able to deliver a baby only after bed 
rest for the entire pregnancy with her uterus sewn shut  -- pretty 
grim. The child is now a young woman of 18 -- a friend of my 
daughters. I have 5 kids, the first three delivered no sweat in a 
few hours. Mimi went home withing a few hours after delivery each 
time. The last two were twins and a difficult pregnancy. Mimi spent 
the last 5 months in a hospital bed in the front room of our house. I 
took her to the hospital once a week on a bed in the our van for an 
exam and ultrasound. My wife was fine, it was the babies that were at 
risk. All turned out pretty much OK, but it was very touch and go 
during the "end" stage of the pregnancy.

I'm not trying to alarm you, just pointing out that as with so many 
things we must deal with, every situation is different. Your OB 
obviously has some concerns if he wants you to be so careful. Discuss 
it with him and find out what those concerns are. If need be, get a 
second opinion. Most docs would welcome a second view on a high risk 
pregnancy. In the case of our twins, our OB helped us find top ranked 
specialists for the problems we had to deal with and the end result 
was my two fine 12 yo sons.

email @ redacted
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