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Re: [IP] Puncture wound

> >...stepped on a board that had 2nails sticking up.  (yes, I did know the
> board was there...)They went thru the shoe & into my foot, at the
> arch.Since they went in deep, I'm worried about nerve damage.  My
> 4th toe does feela bit different.I soaked right away, put on
> antibiotic ointment & a bandaid. I will soak again soon.  I figure
> that soaking 2-3 x a day might help. <
> Yes, it might help. But you still need to notify the MD.
> >Maybe not.<
> How will you know? Call MD.

You need to review you tetanus immunization and get it current. I 
don't know what the current standard is, but it used to be 5-7 years 
between innoculations for wounds of that type or people in 
occupations where they are prone to puncture wounds or work around 

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