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[IP] price gouging

From: "Rowe, Kelly" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] price gouging

Seems to be a universal problem.  I remember many, many years ago going to
the pharmacy and paying $10 for 100 syringes, but the pharmacy billed my
insurance company $63 for the same box, and never billed me for the 20%
co-pay.  I asked the pharmacy about it and the pharmacist told me that they
bill the maximum amount your plan will allow for any prescription item (now
they have sophisticated databases that retain that information); even if you
can buy it yourself at the counter for significantly less money.

I called my insurance company to inform them of the gross overcharge, and
they told me it was all built into the cost of the insurance plan.  Then I
was faced with an ethical dilemma... do I continue to avoid the co-pay and
let my insurance company pay these gross overcharges, or do I pay it out of
pocket and let my insurance company reimburse me for 80% of the true cost?
What would you do?
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Having been in medical practice for about 40 years I hate insurance
companies, they are big thieves. Crying that doctors and pharmacies are
ripping them off at every possible transaction. I'd report it to the
insurance commissioner in writing. they asre committing Fraud.  Well, I'd
pay the co-pay. the insurance coimpany doesn't care. they want to pay big
bucks so they can say to the insurance rate setting commission lookit how
much it costs to keep this chick going with her diabetes, we can't afford
any diabetic chicks, don't force us to take more of them. And when rate
setting time rolls around we need many more bucks.  as a group member you
don't know the politics of insurance either.  spot
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