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[IP] 504 and adult college students

I see all of the talk about minor school aged children
have 504 letters sent to their schools to allow them
to properly care for their diabetes (glucose testing,
eating snacks in class when necessary) without school
officials getting bent out of shape (well I guess that
is supposed to be the case), but I wonder if the 504
plan works for adult college students.  Last year, all
3 of my professors understood my need to occasionally
eat a snack in class, infact they didn't care if any
students ate in class just as long as they weren't
disrupted about it.  But I had this one professor who
would not even allow me to chew on gluctabs if
necessary.  She told I would have to excuse myself and
go to the bathroom to get myself together.  She also
said that she knows all about diabetes because it runs
in her family and told me that sugary candy is the
worst thing for me and that I should only eat meat!  I
am so glad that I didn't have any lows during her
class.  This professor was a bit psycho anyway. 
Sometimes I wished I would have had a severe enough
low to prove her wrong.  

Mystie & Slinky (soon to be traded in for Gadgit)  =)

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