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[IP] pregnancy

Hi all--

Although I don't normally post, I do learn a lot from the list. I'm hoping 
that someone can give me some tips or some more information  on a pregnancy 

I am 28 weeks pregnant and now my ob has put me on bedrest.  He feels I have 
pregnancy induced hypertension.  At my last visit, my BP was high, but I know 
that it was stress related.  He went so far as to have a home monitoring 
system put in my house that sends my BP and fetal movement to a nurse four 
times a day.  I am checking for protein in the urine each morning, my A1C was 
5.5, and now my readings for BP are 117/66.   I did have minor swelling in my 
left leg, but considering that I'm a high school teacher, it could have been 
much worse.

My ob seems to think that I should only be allowed to shower and use the 
bathroom.  I feel that   he is over reacting.  Any advice?   I do not want to 
push if the baby is in any danger, but I am not the lounge around type of 

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