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[IP] Puncture wound

>...stepped on a board that had 2nails sticking up.  (yes, I did know the
board was there...)They went thru the shoe & into my foot, at the arch.Since
they went in deep, I'm worried about nerve damage.  My 4th toe does feela
different.I soaked right away, put on antibiotic ointment & a bandaid. I
soak again soon.  I figure that soaking 2-3 x a day might help. <

Yes, it might help. But you still need to notify the MD.

>Maybe not.<
How will you know? Call MD.

>I also started some keflex that I keep on hand, which according to my doc
helps w/ skin infections. <

How do you know it is the right antibiotic for a deep, dirty, puncture
 Call MD!
B Brad gives good advice. you are not aware of how dirty stuff is that you
wear on your feet like shoes. Keflex is not the drug of choice for a deep
dark dirty puncture wound. a tetnus shot provides protection only against
tetanus. bacteria can florish in the multilayered moist warm tissues of your
foot. some of the with exotic names and hiorrible odors. worse, you can get
sepsis from these nasy bugs. used to call sepsis blood poisoning when I went
to grade school. worse, the bone provides a place for bacteria to set up
shop and cause osteomyelitis. hard to clesan up it can remain dormant for
months. a setup for an amputation. go see a doctor about this, warm or hot
soaks are not the complete answer. spot
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