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[IP] RE:My first Experiance

Well, I have experianced the first at the Mall of America this past weekend.
There were two teenage boys seating across from each other in the hallway.
When we walked in from the parking lot on the fourth floor we seen these
teenagers and then one all of a sudden started yelling Help me!! I'm going
low! I'm diabetic! I suddenly looked at him and he didn't look sick and
after a second his friend started laughing and then they both started
laughing.  I didn't know what to do I was frozen by all the emotions that I
couldn't move. My husband walked to the boys and couldn't say a word. We
then just left and we were stunned in disbelif of what just happened.  My
daughter is to small to understand that they were making fun of her disese.
I look back and wished that I could have slapped some sense into these kids.
It must this new movie that I see on the list that caused this teenage
outburst. Now I can not wait to see it.
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