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[IP] Re: Bubbles/particles in vial

>>>Hi Marisa,  ... I keep it in the frig till a
couple to three days before I plan to change the cartridge.  Was told by
another long-time diabetic that it is the best way (don't know if it is, but
it works for me).  Anyway, it needs to be at room temp to lessen the bubble
<snip> Phyllis >>>

My protocol with a vial of insulin is to leave it in the fridge until
opened. The opened vial sits in the bathroom until empty - I use about 30u a
day. I do not have problems with bubbles.  The
cooling/warming/cooling/warming is not good for it. Besides, leaving it out
for three days *should* or *might* run into the next site change day,
therefore, leave it out.

The person who is injecting the air into the vial (I'm assuming directly
into the insulin itself, the way I read it) could be making these
*particles* from the lubricant in the syringe. I inject only enough air to
withdraw the needed amount. That air is placed into the airspace as the vial
is sitting upright and the needle pointed downward so as to not *disturb*
the insulin. I have not had any particles nor bubbles. YMMV (~_^)

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