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[IP] gold sils

> I'm in the process of fighting with a supplier for charges of infusion
> and would like input from others about charges they have experienced for
> these sets.  I am required to order "in network" for my supplies.  For a
> box
> of Disetronic 10/10 Tenders I have been billed $660.  I could get this
> box from Disetronic for $173 but they are not "in network".  I pay 20 % of
> the cost.  I have protested this , but the company tells me this is their
> retail charge.  I responded that I have never heard of anybody on this
> website being charged such an exorbitant price.  A representative is
> checking on this price hike and well get back to me next week
- ----------------------------------------------------------
it depends on the negotiated rate, i have medicxare and never reazlly see
what they have paid. I also have Pa Blue cross Personal Choice as co
insurance. P[rior to my going on Medicare I paid about $160 for 10 Sils with
10 43" tubings. there is the Suppliers rate as well as a negotiated rate. Id
yell plenty if they negotiated htemselves a 660  rate. Get everything n
writing in case you have to write your insurance commisar. spot
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