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[IP] How's this for misinformation??????


Olympic Gold Medal-winning swimmer Gary Hall says he's on a nationwide
"mission" to alert young people to the growing risk of getting juvenile
diabetes. Hall was diagnosed with Type II diabetes two years ago, while
in the midst of training for the big games. The 26-year-old athlete, a
native of Phoenix, is now making the rounds of schools around the
country, warning young people that they better stay in shape and watch
their diet or they may also find themselves having to check their sugar
all the time. This week Hall is in Los Angeles, hosting a camp at a
large YMCA center. Hall points out that having diabetes does not mean
you can't lead an active live. He adds, though, that watching TV too
much, eating too much, using computers too much and not exercising can
often lead to diabetes.

By PAT NASON, United Press International

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