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Re: [IP] Pump and the beach

    Although I have not pumped very long now.... 9 days to be exact..... I 
have talked to a couple of people who had very good suggestions.  They said 
that it's important to remember to put the end cap on the infusion site when 
you aren't connected. That is so no salt water or sand can get in. Also, 
while sitting on the beach, IF it is extremely hot out, you may either want 
to put your pump in a towel to avoid a lot of sun exposure or if you can, put 
it in a cooler while you are sitting there.  The last suggestion they gave to 
me is to NOT fill the cartridge completely up before going. Insulin can be 
very sensitive to heat exposure so if you remember that that when you are 
comfortable, your insulin is comfortable, it's an extension of you. This way, 
you will be rid of that insulin faster and won't have it hanging around to go 
bad.  However, you may want to check with your pump rep to find these things 
Hope I helped a little, 
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