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Re: [IP] trouble at the start

> Hello...
> I just started pumping last Thursday and have been having trouble
> getting things down... So, I am soliciting advice (I apologize if
> this is long)!  I have a MM 508 and am using Silhouette sets.  My
> reason for going on the pump is that I have no control - i am a
> rollercoaster, and especially pre-menstrual and ovulation, i run out
> of control high.  Apparently I think I am in the midst of one of
> these up swings, and so it is very difficult to get a basal when I'm
> not at all in my "normal" (whatever that is...) range to start.
Be patient, don't rush. It may take a number of weeks to get 
everything just right. There is no point in chasing the numbers until 
your body is "happy" and stable. The take it slow, doing basal 
testing only every day or two for 6 - 10 hours at a stretch. Build up 
the data slowly and make sure it is repeatable. If you can't repeat 
it, then you should not try to set basal rates using that data unless 
you are just so far over or under that an adjustment makes sense 
anyway. Read the sections in Pumping Insulin on doing basal profiles 
and the HOWTO on the web site.

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