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Re: [IP] Pump and the beach

> I have the opportunity to spend some time at the beach tomorrow, and
> could use some advice.  How does one handle the pump and the beach? 
> Do you disconnect? What is the best way to avoid sun and sand
> exposure?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The do's (that work for Lily, YMMV)
Bolusing for missed basal works for up to an hour or so, not any 
Yes, you can take it off all day if you check and bolus for missed 
Regular (in the infusion set) will last 4 - 5 hours for basal
If you are in the water or doing lots of exercise, you may not need 
as much (or any) insulin, you might even need some carbs. Depends on 
the length of exposure and temp of the water.

Keep that sucker away from the water and sand. 

 The don'ts

Don't leave the pump in a bag or by itself sitting exposed to the 
Don't leave it where some yo-yo will swipe it (in your bag).

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