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[IP] trouble at the start

You didn't mention any basal rate test being done.  As I see it, that is
the first step.  The "How to" pages here are a great place to start or
"Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh also has a procedure.  You probably have
already read these and are working on these tests now.  I just mention it
because you didn't in your post and if you have not started these tests
then you need to.

I didn't graph out your numbers but it sounded like they were going high in
the late evening.  All of the mixture of food and miscalculated carbos and
conservative bolusing will make it hard to sort out.  So get your fasting
basals set first and then work on the food and high correction boluses.
What you have now is a can of worms.

I suggest graphing out your numbers as it will illustrate several things.
When you are high and do a correction bolus you will see that your numbers
will drop.  For us and I suspect you there is a linear relation ship
between your drop and the amount of  bolus.  It is quite amazing.  Take
reading 1 hour after bolus and then draw a line between the high number and
lower number.  Extend this line out for 2-3 more hours and you will see
where you are going.  This works best after your basals are set.

Basals are king.

This is like starting over.  Forget most of what you have learned on MDI.
You are now a new beasty.  Or should I say Borgy.

Oh, and don't worry about the length.  This is exactly what this list is
hear for.

Curtis Lomax
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