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Re: [IP] trouble at the start

Betsy: Did you fast for each meal to set your basals? If not, I would suggest 

Based on my weight/prior dose on shots, I should be taking .7 per hour. I 
have 5 basals that range from .8 to 1.8 and take 1 unit/12 carbs. My high bg 
ratio is 1/30 points. Each person is different of course.

I'm having a bit more highs with pms now - my blood sugars have been great 
for the past 3 weeks. That's frustrating because I'm not sure how much to up 
my basal.

My partner also has type 1 and is on MDI. She often reports to me what her 
blood sugars are and I give my 2 cents about how much insulin she should 
take. It's really different with the pump and I prefer it. She is not 
convinced that it would be better for her. There is also a cost factor since 
her insurance does not fully cover DME. Does anybody else share their life 
with another type 1?

dx, 1975
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