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Re: [IP] Pizza Bolus

Sherry Nolan wrote:
>... You need 6 units for a carb-less meal? Everything you mentioned would 
>not need a bolus under my understanding of carb-counting.

Yes. Any meal I take requires a certain amount just for the "bulk" of the 
meal, although I'm sure there's a metabolic explanation (which I currently 
ignore). For every extra 15 g of carb, I then require 1 additional unit.

So, for breakfast, I consume 30 g of carb and 15 g of protein, but require 
5 units of insulin instead of the 2 needed for the carb alone. BTW, I don't 
guess at food weights -- I use a scale.

Interestingly, when my insulin requirement changes, as it does often 
enough, it's the "base" part of the bolus that changes, not the part that 
covers the carb. For instance, if my 8 unit dinnertime bolus falls short 
and I start to need 10 units to cover my "standard dinner", I still need 1 
unit for every 15 g of additional carb.

Of course, this is my mileage, and I can set my speedometer by it. YMMV.

regards, Andy
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