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[IP] trouble at the start

I just started pumping last Thursday and have been having trouble getting 
things down... So, I am soliciting advice (I apologize if this is long)!  I 
have a MM 508 and am using Silhouette sets.  My reason for going on the pump 
is that I have no control - i am a rollercoaster, and especially 
pre-menstrual and ovulation, i run out of control high.  Apparently I think 
I am in the midst of one of these up swings, and so it is very difficult to 
get a basal when I'm not at all in my "normal" (whatever that is...) range 
to start.

I started at .8 (3AM-midnite) and .7 (midnite-3AM) basals with a 1:12 CHO 
and 1:50 point drop with target of 150.  When I started pumping I was 
running high, but was doing pretty well by the evening and into my first 
night.  The second day was again good, some readjusting on the insulin:CHO. 
131 to 294 2 hrs later with the 1:12g. But I corrected, came back down. Also 
changed my target to 130 with a one unit per 40 pt drop.  Then, night.  I 
was 161 at 8:15PM took 2.1 bolus to cover something, and 4 hrs later was at 
274- took .6 correction (being conservative by dr. orders at night) 3AM- 283 
took 1.5 correction; 4AM- 269; 9:30AM- 314, changed the set (upon inspection 
everything looked totally fine- not crimped, etc.), injected 5 units, 
11:30AM- 270 took 2 correction and at 1:20PM was at 135.  Hooray I could 
eat! ate 70 grams and took 5.8 bolus; 5PM- 270, 3.5 correction, 6:15PM 242, 
7:20- 249, 5 correction, CHANGED basal to .9 and .8 between midnite and 3AM, 
CHANGED insulin to CHO to 1:10. 10:24PM- 177.  I snacked that night at a 
party and took 1.8 bolus at 12:50AM and probably didn't carb count 
correctly... 2AM- 411 took 5.9 bolus, 8:01AM- 522 ten units bolus, 9:45AM- 
355, 10:32AM- 279, 11:53AM- 242, took 2.8 correction, 2PM- 132.  Hooray I 
could eat! Ate 23g took 2.3 bolus to cover it, 4:28PM- 336, 5.1 correction.  
You can see this rollercoaster.

Last night I covered for dinner (what I thought to be very generous- i ate 
small piece of fish and about 1/3c of tofu and three slices of french bread 
and some vegetable soup + 2 glasses wine) with 8 units at 9PM and my BG at 
2:30AM was 375. took 6.1 correction, 3:45AM- 325, disconnected, injection 4 
units and at 7AM- 115.  I changed the site (r side tummy, from l side) and 
have been doing okay today, but still having the post food highs.  Do you 
think the site was bad?  Before lunch just now I was at 169, took one unit 
to correct plus 4.9 bolus at 1:8 CHO.  Two hours later, my BG is 273.  WHAT 
DO I DO????  These were relatively normal readings for me with shots, but I 
don't want this anymore.  I know it's early, but I am trying my best not to 
be frustrated.  Please help.
Best wishes,
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