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[IP] calm!?

brian wrote:
> This will help calm the debate for the use of stem cells.

Doubtful, Brian.  Nothing can "calm" an issue so fraught with moral and 
religious tension and ambiguity.  

On the basest level, the issue is about research, not morality! Sure, stem 
cells CAN come from other places like bone marrow or umbilical cords. but I 
believe the whole POINT of being able to use the fetal cells is that it is 
thought that these undifferentiated "virgin" cells have a BETTER chance at 
doing or becoming what the scientists THINK they are capable of.   I don't 
know enough about the actual procedures  involved in these experiments, but 
why do all the expensive, time consuming research on stem cells if you aren't 
using the purest form available?  

It is, OF COURSE, anyone's Right to refuse the resulting stem cells, and the 
possible cure, because they were derived from humans who did not have the 
chance to live....but that is the CHOICE we will have to make a LONG time in 
the future...and if some decide to pass due to moral obligation, that is fine 
with me!!!  It means, if I am still alive, that I will be closer to the front 
of the line!!

Better than flushing the unused, unwanted embryos down the toilet, or 
whatever more scientifically worded way they have of disposing of them.

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