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RE: [IP] Pizza Bolus

>>8 units standard meal bolus - 2 units worth of carbs = 6 units for
carb-less meal <<

Ok, this confuses me.  You need 6 units for a carb-less meal?  Everything
you mentioned would not need a bolus under my understanding of
carb-counting.  The only factor that I could be missing is the 300g of
vegetables knowing that corn has a higher index then celery.  But I have a
hard time imagining that 300g of vegetables could equal 6 units especially
if your carb ratio is 1:15 cause that would imply 90g carb?

Help me out, what am I missing?

As for pizza, that is a very big YMMV. I bolus for the carbs up front, 26g
(1:10 ratio) per slice at my local greek pizza joint and then square
2.0u/6hours per slice.  So two pieces would be 52g(5.2u) and 4.0u/6hours.

-- Sherry
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