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Re: [IP] stem cells

In a message dated 4/30/01 12:42:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
> Yet none of the people who today are against animal 
> research would think to say that they won't take insulin because it 
> was developed with animal experiments.
*** Forgive me for being over tired and perhaps a bit over sensative***
     You reminded me of something I learned while going through Culinary Art 
School. (Yes, folks, she's a chef!!! Mmm...and an awesome one too!!! hee hee) 
Anyhow, we took a 'field trip' one day to a 'natural' food store.  The 
gentleman who was giving us the tour was pitching natural foods pretty well. 
But, he lost me when he started talking vegetarian stuff.  Of course we all 
know there are 3 different kinds of vegetarians (Not including the ones that 
people just make up themselves. Uhhh, nope, I only eat brown eggs or I only 
eat blue Pike Caviar. Yeah, ok pal. Who are ya trying to fool here?)  like 
the pollo-pesko (chicken and fish) which of course means, they only eat 
chicken or fish, no red meat. Then the Ovo-lacto (eggs and milk) same thing 
there, they only eat eggs and milk(dairy) no meat. Then we have the 
granddaddy of all vegetarians, the Vegans. (Which again, this is JUST my 
opinion and only means something to me but may make others get a little 
chuckle out of it. Then, I've accomplished my goal!!)  The Vegan vegetarian 
does NOT eat ANY sort of meat or meat byproduct either. So, this means no 
milk, cheese, HONEY, fish, eggs, etc. They take lots of vitamins and drink 
Soy milk....ewwww YUCKY!!! Of course I (being the instigator that I can be at 
times.... Who me?? LOL  Yeah, I'll admit it) was challenging him on different 
things like why did they need to take sooooo many vitamins if they live such 
a healthy lifesytle and what's the big deal about honey... that answer was a 
little weird. He said since honey is basically bee 'throw up', it's an animal 
byproduct and they will not eat it. Nor will they use shampoo with honey in 
it. Hmmm.... smelly heads!!  Anyhow, as his speech got longer and longer, I 
started getting bored and then it hit me!!!! THIS GUY IS WEARING LEATHER 
SHOES!!!! WHAT THE #)(*$????  NO NO NO NO.... he's not doing that in front of 
ME is he?? <took another look> DANG, HE SURE IS!!! <OK, composure time> I 
raised my hand (because he told us if we had a question he'd like us to do 
that) and he tried really hard to avoid eye contact and finally, I just 
blurted out...."EXCUSE ME, but...if you cannot eat animal byproduct, why can 
you wear it??"  He looked a bit green and excused himself for a while. About 
20 minutes later, his wife came out and said that "Joe isn't feeling well" 
and she'd finish the tour!  LOL...I did NOT mean to upset the guy but he 
tried soooo hard to sell us on his, 'perfect' way of life but just as Wayne 
stated, you call them on it and most likely, they will buckle!!!  (again, I'm 
NOT picking on any one person in particular. I just wanted to say I agree 
with Wayne's statement so if you get mad, get mad at him. I am merely cattle 
following my herd!!  LOL)  Kidding people, kidding.
Have a spectacular day!!!!
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