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Re: [IP] Pizza Bolus

Jim Handsfield wrote:
>I think that whoever gets pizza figured out should be nominated for a 
>Nobel Prize!

This is what works for me for Dominos Classic Hand Tossed crust with double 
mozzarella and veggies (pepper, onion, olives):

start with "standard meal" bolus less 1 unit per 15 g of carb in standard meal
add bolus for 45 g of carb (for me, that's 3 units) per 125 g slice
add square wave of 1 unit over 4 hours per 125 g slice to cover absorption


My "standard meal" is 30 g of carb (1 slice bread, 1 medium fruit), 300 g 
of green veggies, 4 oz of protein, for which I need 8 units.

8 units standard meal bolus - 2 units worth of carbs = 6 units for standard 
carb-less meal

I eat 2 slices of pizza (250 g = 90 g of carb):

(6 units standard carb-less meal bolus) + (2 slices x 3 units/slice) = 12 
unit bolus

square wave (1 unit/slice x 2 slices) 2 units over 4 hours

Check bg 4 hours after the meal -- not before unless in hypo. If it doesn't 
work, adjust bolus *first* next time -- it's my experience that most of the 
pizza needs to be covered by bolus like any other meal, not square wave.

Limit is 2 slices. Any more is asking for trouble at the waistline.


regards, Andy

P.S.: If it works for others, I decline the prize, since I already have one 
and the darn thing already broke at the base. <g>
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