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Re: [IP] Description of Diabetes for Divorce Discovery

      First let me say, "Bravo" (standing up clapping and taking my hat off 
to you) I think your discovery letter was written very well. (of course, just 
my opinion)  I wouldn't change anything but perhaps add two things. Not sure 
if the first one is relevant or not but.... you might want to add in there 
how many years you've been diabetic. My thinking is that IF the state you 
live in has 'no-fault' divorces like where I live, it's not going to matter. 
However, if you can prove that his treatment of you causes stress and may 
bring on complications faster....oh heck, I'm not sure how to explain. (I'm 
soooo tired) Anyhow, let's say you've been diabetic for 25 years and you met 
him around your 20th year. You had no complicatioins at that point.... 
proveable by medical records. However, at this time, you are starting to show 
signs of 2ndary complications due to his treatment of you then you might have 
something there!! Hmmm....did I explain that right? I know you'll understand 
what I'm trying to say.      The other thing I was going to say was right 
after you put in the results of DKA, after coma, I'd put DEATH. Might make 
them look upon it a bit more harsh if that's put there?? Like I said, just my 
opinion.  Good luck and if you need anyone to talk to during your hard times, 
let me know....I've gone through the big 'D' myself and I don't mean diabetes 
here folks!!  :o)~
Take care.

All my best, 
Elizabeth   >^..^<
 PS...I ran this by my Mom because I'm SO tired right now my own name doesn't 
even make any sense!!!! LOL   So, if there are typos or if this makes NO 
sense at all....It's her fault and I'll tell her. Thank you.
dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Currently pumping with 'TinkerBell'
(my Dis Htron) awaiting the arrival
of 'Bruno' (my back ordered Dis Dtron)
Also with 'Freddy'(FreeStyle blood meter) and
Hopefully (still) getting 'Skippy' (MM508) 
Started pumping on my own 4-21-01 and am 
SO happy I did!!! My sugars are GREAT!!!
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