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Re: [IP] stem cells

Sylvia, i'm glad to find something that we agree on *S*
This is exactly the point.  None of us diabetics would be alive today 
were it not for all the experimental research that was done on poor 
little animals.   Yet none of the people who today are against animal 
research would think to say that they won't take insulin because it 
was developed with animal experiments.  Same with stem cells.  If and 
when a "cure" might be developed from stem cell research, you can bet 
your son's insulin pump that all those who are ethically opposed to 
such research, will be clamoring at the hospital door for treatment. 
Makes one wonder about depth of those ethical objections in the first 

<<<<<<<<I have to put some thoughts of mine into this issue.....  if 
someone offered
any of you here who is either diabetic or has a child who is diabetic, the
ultimate cure on a silver platter   would you ask them where it came from or
would you just be grateful for the cure and get on with life?  To some people
it is an extreme ethical issue to use animals, including mice and rats, to
use them for experiments concerning many drugs that are in use today.  But
I'll bet that those who have been the  recepients of these drugs have not had
a second thought about HOW the cure came about,  just the fact that it came
about at all and that they are grateful for that cure.  This issue between
right and wrong will ALWAYS be a PERSONAL issue and will NEVER be
resolved....NEVER.  It is like the debate between right to choose and right
to life...this will NEVER be resolved.  People who are looking for a CURE for
something need to be aware that there may be some sacrifices involved,
whether it be from a little mouse, a monkey, or a discarded embryo.  I'm not
saying that ANY of it is RIGHT!  I'm just one of those that REALLY wants a
CURE!!>   Sylvia>>>>>
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