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[IP] Great news-Thanks to All

Thanks to everyone in the group.

I just got my blood work back and it was great news.

A1C - 6.0 down from 6.6 (before joining the group they were over 7.0

Cholesterol - 189 down from 224
Triglycerides - 154 down from over 500!
Kidneys, liver, and eveything else was normal!!!!

I know the kidneys normalized from the great A1C, as did the Cholesterol and

The group is directly responsible for this from sharing ideas and providing
inspiration.  Good BG control does work!

Background:  50 yr. old male, proliferative retinopathy, neuropathy,
occasional protein in urine, elevated Cholesterol, a few Creatinine highs;
DX 1974;  Pumping for 6 1/2 yrs.

I love you guys!

Bud Hopper
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