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[IP] Description of Diabetes for Divorce Discovery

I'm filling out a discovery form and they ask me to fully describe my
physical health.  As this is for a divorce, I want to fully describe the
impact of an abusive spouse on my condition, and emphasize that stress is
bad for my blood sugars.  What do you think of what I wrote?  C/C VERY

I suffer from Type I Diabetes Mellitus which is an autoimmune disease in
which the body destroys its own ability to metabolize glucose.  I must
treat my Type I diabetes with daily insulin injections and match my food
intake to the amount I inject.  In addition, I must pay meticulous
attention to my activity level, stress level, and dietary needs at every

Proper control of my diabetes will hopefully delay the long-term
complications of the disease including strokes, blindness, heart attacks,
kidney failure, amputation, and nerve damage or neuropathy.  Studies have
shown that increased stress levels can dramatically affect blood glucose
levels, precipating and exacerbating these dreadful complications.

In order to prevent these complications, I control my diabetes very
aggressively, using an insulin pump to continuously infuse insulin into my
body as my body's insulin needs change throughout the day and with
activity and stress level.  In order to make proper use of the
moment-to-moment control that my insulin pump offers, I also test my blood
sugar by drawing blood samples at least ten times a day, and make insulin
adjustments as necessary.  Such aggressive control leads to frequent
episodes of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, which I experience a couple
of times a week, and results in feelings of shakiness and extreme hunger,
and is very dangerous if not treated immediately.  Similarly, episodes of
high blood sugar can lead to the similarly dangerous state of ketoacidosis
which can result in throwing up, extreme thirst, difficulty breathing, and

The general recommendation for those with diabetes, which I follow, is
that I see an endorinologist every three months, as well as other members
of a diabetes treatment team, including a diabetes educator, a
nutritionist, an opthamologist, and a stress counselor.

Proper control of my diabetes requires high levels of support from friends
and family, as well as a low-stress environment in order to control as
many variables which affect my metabolism as possible.

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