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[IP] Re: Pizza Bolus

>We do square wave at dinner then by 1am she's high.

My husband has found that he must do a temporary basal increase of up to
80% for up to 8 hours for pizza - it does vary a little depending on the
exact pizza. When you first see this it looks horribly scary to think of
getting that much extra insulin! He started with shorter times and
smaller %, but worked his way up...
If you search the mail archives you will find LOTS of different ways
that people adjust basals and boluses for pizza. Who knows which one
will work for you, but at least you will have lots of things to try.
Our CDE suggested testing BGs every hour for about 12 hours after eating
pizza, then you can use that info to figure out when you need the extra
insulin and how much... Then next time try to use that info, testing
every hour again. Repeat as many times as needed.
We personally didn't do the testing EVERY hour. You will probably have
to experiment a lot before you figure out what works for you guys.
Luckily Shane and I are pizza addicts so we had great fun
"experimenting" :-)
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