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Re: [IP] stem cells

>I could never live with my conscience using stem cells from this source-This >is how I feel. I certainly have a right to feel this way.
>I for one cannot live with health problems and treatments without thinking
>of these moral questions/thoughts/beliefs.

You certainly have every right to your opinions and feelings. If you
don't want to make use of any treatments/cures that come from a certain
source, you shouldn't have to. But what I don't understand is why some
people feel that just because they don't want to use a certain
alternative, they should be able to keep other people from doing so.
Please note I'm not saying you are this way because I don't know you
that well....

I personally wouldn't have an abortion, but that doesn't mean I would
stop others from being allowed to have one. Being gay isn't for me, but
that doesn't mean I think others are "wrong" for being gay. The whole
"alternative medicine" thing doesn't really appeal to me, but if others
want to try it out they should be able to. I guess what I am saying is,
assuming the science gets good enough, if my husband wants to clone
himself and use the resulting stem cells to cure his diabetes, why
should someone else be allowed to tell him what he can and can't do with
his own cells?
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